Our Training and Development Strategy focuses primarily on improving the mindsets of our people and pushing them toward the winning attitude. This one fuels them with the utmost positive energy environment. Motivating our employees and improving their productivity is our duty.

Winning Attitude is founded on:

  1. A can-do spirit that makes our teams relentless in driving for High Performance
  2. Striving for Success as a lifestyle.

Our exceptional methods:

  1. To Design and Facilitate EVA Pharma Field Force Skills Programs, First and Second Line Managers leadership, Managerial Programs, as well as Talent People development programs.
  2. To help in the execution of EVA Pharma business’s objectives through developing the company’s structure.
  3. To provide EVA Pharma employees with opportunities to develop and grow through a continuous and systematic learning process.
  4. To facilitate further New Learning to cope with our recent challenges.

EVA Continuous Development Academy (ECDA) is our academy that is offering the required training courses and diplomas for continuous development. It has established since 2011 to continuously develop employees in both technical skills and soft skills. All of our employees are part of this academy and benefiting from the given courses. Moreover, to ensure the continuation of this program, employees are not only trained and certified at certain disciplines but also they are given a chance to become trainers themselves.