Our internship program is specifically designed to recruit and hire top-quality students to feed the talent pipeline at Eva Pharma. During your internship with us, you will get hands-on experience and opportunities to work closely with our professional mentors. Moreover, we will help you explore and excel in areas that interest you and meet your personal and career goals.

We allow our interns to have real work experiences that help them decide and shape their future careers. During the past 9 years, we trained more than 2000 interns. This year we have hired 200 interns in various departments that include the Promotion, Marketing, International Markets, Production, Research and Development, Quality, Engineering, Supply Chain, and IT.

More often than not, our internships lead to full-time positions with EVA Pharma, but even if they don’t, you will leave with the confidence that you are well prepared to succeed elsewhere. Interns in our plant are offered rotation between different departments to have a clear picture of different functions and to be able to define their future careers accordingly. We develop you today to become one of our future leaders as well as one of the industry leaders tomorrow.

During the orientation days of the EVA Pharma Summer Internship program, we offer our interns a full overview of EVA Pharma values, culture, structures, systems, and a factory tour. In addition to offering sessions concerns their career development and soft skills. We take special interest in presentation skills ensuring they are strengthened and preparing our interns for opportunities to present in our program as well as in future jobs

Program Time Frame:

1- Receiving CVs for our internship program starts every January.

2- Approaching sales, marketing, HR, and plant departments to explore the number of interns needed for each function in February.

3- Screening CVs to define the most talented and suitable candidates.

4- HR Interviews are conducted starting in March.

5- Mentoring Sessions are conducted during March and April to prepare mentors for a successful Summer Internship Program and introduce to them our mentoring and coaching methodology.

6- Internship acceptance e-mails are sent during April, May, and June.

7- The program starts at the beginning of July with a four-day orientation as follows:
  • Day 1: General Orientation including company history, culture, values, etc. In addition to a session for exploring career opportunities and brief about the Program Structure.
  • Day 2: Soft skills session and factory tour
  • Day 3: Selling Skills for Sales and Marketing Interns
  • Day 4: Product Knowledge for Sales and Marketing Interns

8- Before finishing the program, interns are requested to send us any new ideas. Those ideas are then evaluated by a technical committee to choose the best ones (one for the Sales and Marketing and the other for the plant). The top ideas are going to be rewarded in the closing ceremony. Furthermore, our factory interns will present what they have learned during the program in front of their mentors and a committee to choose the best presentation to be rewarded.

9- During the last week of the program, there are three evaluation forms asked to be filled by the interns and mentors to evaluate the program.

10- The closing ceremony takes place at the end of August in which we prepare a full entertainment program for the interns and mentors. This day includes presentations, the distribution of interns’ certificates and bonuses. We also make sure to document all the success with Group photos and videos.

11- A full statistical report including all the evaluations is received as well as some recommendations to enhance the following year’s program which is going to be generated in October.

12- Top-ranked 20% of the interns are either approached with job offers after graduation (if they are in their final year) or automatically are included in the following year’s Summer Internship Program (if they are in their 3rd year).

Parameters for Program Eligibility:

1- Top ranking students will be of top priority.

2- Our prior candidates are those who are in the third and fourth years.

3- The candidates must pass our HR interviews successfully to join our Summer Internship program.

4- Summer Interns must commit to our program on a full-time basis.