• We believe that Research and Development are highly important more than just a process by which we develop new drugs and launch them into the market. Our approach for creating and launching new drugs is a multi-faceted one, as our researches are based on creative processes that have designed to provide the most needed drugs for the markets.
  • Our product pipeline proposals are carefully reviewed by some committees that comprise Department Heads and Consultants. Ideas are carefully scrutinized according to a set of criteria that covers different aspects of the product, market, and community. The main purpose is introducing safe drugs and fulfilling the needs and deficiencies in the market.
  • The guiding principle by which we operate at EVA Pharma is not about replicating a product, but rather to find ways to enhance its effectiveness through constantly searching for new drug delivery systems that may add to the capabilities of the product. Aside from sourcing the highest quality active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for our products array, we also use the valuable molecular diversity presented in raw materials, and explore and split the single unites from the natural products that can be used for new products according to the changing process of the local and global healthcare market requirements.
  • Recently, EVA Pharma is responsible for 160 products in the market and more than 500 products in the pipeline. We achieve our mandate of excellence by regularly upgrading our R&D laboratories and facilities with special equipment and state-of-the-art instruments. As well as, the careful selection process of the exceptional professionals to operate them. We share in shaping the future of pharmaceutical research by implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations.


  • MARC (Mounir Armanious Research Center) is our state of the art research facility. MARC has been established since 2018, concerned with the Research and Development of pharmaceutical technologies. It is 1400 m2, 5 floors building, contains more than 60 scientists and 500 products in the pipeline.
  • The cost-effective product is one of our promises for continuing Research and Development. We are dedicated to utilizing validated processes to deliver the highest quality. The strong legacy that has left by our mother company, EVA Pharma, lays the foundation for our objective of becoming international leaders and pioneers in introducing the products from natural resources. Since our establishment, we have delivered medicines that fulfilled the healthcare needs of communities and improved the overall well-being of societies.
  • MARC turn-key services entail the Integration of divisions in a continuous life cycle. This lifecycle starts with Surveying therapeutic needs for launching new products, API sourcing and Analytical method Development and Validation; then, ends with Stability, followed-up with studies, Continuous improvement manufacturing intervention where required, dossier Compilation (CTD/ eCTD), as well as regulatory and submissions. Our Research and Development capabilities make MARC experienced in a set of very diversified dosage forms including solid orals, liquid orals, semi-solids, parenteral, specialty dosage forms (dry powder, multi-dose vials, etc..); in addition to our nutritional product unit.
  • It also consists of a dedicated team of pharmacists and chemists who are perfectly trained, completing their tasks and developing other integrated skills that enhance their capabilities. On-the-job training is one of the requisites for enriching our building block minds and achieving our objectives, we ensure all of our teams have the opportunity to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.