In line with the Government’s orientation towards raising health and community awareness, its constant keenness to provide a high level of community service to the Egyptians, and our sense of duty to our fellow Egyptians, we recently launched a national campaign to treat peripheral neuritis under the name “your sense of grace”. The campaign aims to raise awareness about peripheral neuritis, its various causes, and its early symptoms in the hope that early diagnosis and careful treatment would drastically reduce the risk of severe complications that may lead to amputation or death.

The campaign witnessed activities in different directions whose main objective is to raise community awareness and reach the best results from the effort exerted. It also included doctors through medical meetings on the sidelines of the campaign in cooperation with a group of senior university professors nationwide to introduce more important ways of early detection and treatment of the disease.

The National Campaign for the Treatment of Peripheral Neuritis has been launched on Thursday 9 September 2018 at a press conference in the presence of Dr. Hala Zaid, Minister of Health. The campaign was sponsored by the Ministry of Health, EVA Pharma, the National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, the Egyptian Diabetic Foot Association and the Egyptian Society of Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery.